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Peyton Manning torments Andy Roddick with video of him walking nine at Sweetens Cove

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Sam Greenwood

We haven't heard too much from Peyton Manning since retirement. He's mostly stayed off the late-night circuit, even his beloved SNL. Every now and then he shows up to break down tape for ESPN+, but when the opportunity to assume color duties for MNF presented itself, he quietly stepped back. After 18 years of NFL grind, it seems Peyton is content to live a life of non-celebrity, and given the gloating video he sent to BFF Andy Roddick this week, it's not hard to see why. Take it away, 18.

"On the 8th hole here at Sweetens Cove," Peyton drawls, letting the camera lap up the sweet, syrupy Tennessee landscape. Circling back to himself, Peyton then adds the cherry to the top this envy sundae with the catchphrase to live by this summer: "Carrying my bag, playing nine holes, God bless America."


Why is he sending this video to Andy Roddick? We have no idea. Why is a 43-year-old man with a history of neck surgery walking instead of riding or pushing? Also unconfirmed. But Peyton seems plenty happy with the decisions he's made in life and we can't say we blame him. Six days a week he gets to play the everyman, and on the seventh he walks onto Sweetens Cove no questions asked. God bless America? More like God bless Peyton.