124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


You won’t see a better goal all of Euro 2020 than the one Patrik Schick just nuked Scotland with

Monday morning. Not exactly the time nor day you'd expect to have absurd, scroll-stopping highlights drop in your lap, but in this modern world, you always have to be on your toes. We’re glad we were doing our plies too, or else we might have missed Czech Republic striker Patrik Schick scoring the indisputable, nailed-on goal of Euro 2020 around the same time you were pouring your first cup of coffee of the week. Enjoy, moping Monday sports fans. Your day just got better.

Forget goal of Euro 2020 (the official title of the delayed Euro 2021, in case you’re wondering)—that might be one of the greatest individual goals in Euro history. Full stop. Scotland takes a pop from long range, it ricochets straight back to the Czech number nine. The two-on-one counter is on but Schick looks up, sees keeper David Marshall off his line, and decides to go full YOLO. 54 yards later and one glorious second later, his decision paid off.

As for the Scots, well, any true Scotsman or woman would tell you they expected nothing less than complete and total heartbreak. Just past halftime in the Tartan Army's first major international tournament game since 1998 with the entire country at a standstill to watch, some guy from the Czech Republic who plays in Germany came to Glasgow and delivered exactly that. Tough scene. Nobody’s fault.

Well, maybe the keeper’s. When in doubt, always blame the keeper.