Gotta Support the Team

Justin Rose almost forgot to pack the most important part of his U.S. Open wardrobe

In the next 10 days, two GINORMOUS things are happening in the world of sports. One of which you probably know. One of which you might not. The one you know? Next weekend, the U.S. Open returns to Torrey Pines for the first time since Tiger Woods’ dramatic playoff victory in 2008. The one you might not? After over a year’s delay, Euro 2020—now Euro 2021—finally kicks off. For the next five weeks, the world’s second-biggest international soccer tournament will dominate eyes and ears all across Europe, including those of England supporter Justin Rose, who almost forgot to pack the most important part of his U.S. Open wardrobe before setting off for Torrey Pines on Friday morning.

“U.S. Open ready, about to leave for the airport,” Rose says, England kit resting on his suitcase. “Nearly forgot Euros are starting. Nearly forgot the most important piece to pack. Come on now, do us proud on Sunday to start it off. Hopefully I’ll do you proud next Sunday. Come on England!”

We all know what next Sunday is, but this Sunday England begin their Euros journey with a rematch of the 2018 World Cup semifinal, which they lost 2-1 to Croatia. Croatia’s golden generation has aged considerably since then while England’s is still shining bright, but there’s not an England supporter in existence, Rose included, who will be taking this one for granted. England haven’t won a major international trophy since 1966 and have never advanced past the semifinal stage of the Euros. That should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the nation's fragile emotional state heading into a wide-open, winnable tournament.

If you think Rosey is G’d up now, however, just wait until the second round next Friday at Torrey Pines, when England are set to face ancestral rivals Scotland in what is sure to be a pivotal, primordial bloodbath. If he can’t find a fairway to save his life, don't bother checking the score.