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This is the most ridiculous goal in soccer history -- and it's not even close

October 23, 2017

In case you weren't keeping your eye on the Thailand soccer scene this weekend, we've got you covered. And before you say, Why would I ever care about the Thailand soccer scene?, you need to check out the following highlight. Trust us.

Yahoo! has the details of what might be the most ridiculous goal in soccer history, a penalty score in the match between Bangkok Sports Club and Satri Angthong. Watch the clip -- and listen to the reaction as the crowd goes from disappointment to stunned euphoria:

What the. . . ? How the. . . ?

You probably have a few questions after watching. And while we can't explain the science behind this, we can confirm this was a legal goal. Since no one touched the ball after it hit the crossbar (Although the celebrating goalie nearly did with his head), it was still a live ball. And notice how still the refs stayed through the whole play, watching the ball the entire time before calmly signaling the goal. Those guys are real pros. We can also confirm that it's never a good idea to start celebrating until a game is officially over.

Apparently, the match itself was pretty crazy as well. At the time of this unbelievable goal, the score was knotted at 19-19(!) in penalty kicks. And look closely at the clip and you'll notice it was Bangkok's goalie who scored the goal. And Bangkok won 20-19. OK, now we've officially spent too much time discussing the Thailand soccer scene, but we'll always have this crazy crossbar goal.