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Oh Captain, My Captain

Patrick Reed’s eye/face mask combo on his flight to the Olympics is the most patriotic thing you will ever see

This weekend, news brokes that Bryson DeChambeau had withdrawn from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics due to a positive COVID-19 test. What seemed like a blow to the United States’ golf medal chances, however, quickly became a blessing in disguise when it was announced he would be replaced by Captain America himself, Patrick Reed. On Tuesday, the Avenger took off for Tokyo ahead of the start of the Olympic golf competition, and if his international flight fit is any indication, he is more than ready to kick ass and take names in the name of the good, old US of A.

If that isn’t the most patriotic thing you’ve seen, we honestly don’t know what is. Red, white, and blue hat. Star-spangled eye mask. Stars n’ stripes face mask. Somewhere Uncle Sam just screamed “America, F—k Yeah” while ripping a guitar solo on the back of a giant eagle.

Now you might argue that Reed, embroiled in rules controversies and somewhat misunderstood amongst both fans and peers, might not make for the best American golf ambassador in Tokyo, but you would be WRONG. Any man who has done this one international stage deserves an open invite to any and all U.S. golf competitions until either A. the sun burns out or B. the U.S. splinters into a 100 tribal war factions (whichever comes first).

So kudos to Reed for stepping in on short notice and masking up in style. America is behind you, Captain.