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Patrick Peterson perfectly trolled Kyler Murray after beating the Cardinals on ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ release weekend

October 31, 2022

This weekend, the virtual gun nuts over at Infinity Ward released their much-ballyhooed remake of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.’ With just 20 days until the official launch of the game’s first season of online content, players across the world could be found grinding away night and day, taking advantage of double XP tokens and other specials to level up before taking their game worldwide. This was exciting news for CoD devotees everywhere … except for Kyler Murray.

You see, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback and reported ‘Call of Duty’ addict is now contractually prohibited from playing the game while studying film at home as part of his new deal’s independent study clause. He also had a game against the high-flying Minnesota Vikings to prepare for on Sunday, which means his weekend ‘Call of Duty’ plans had to be put on hold. Bummer? You bet, but it got even worse for Kyler and co. as the Cardinals fell 34-26 at U.S. Bank Stadium, with former teammate Patrick Peterson seen mocking the QB’s now infamous pastime after one of the Vikings' three interceptions on the day. Keep an eye on number seven …

The headset, the controller, the cameras trained squarely on him the whole time. This is the work of a level-300 cave troll. To make matters even better (or worse, depending on which side of the battle royale you’re on), the Vikings admins oh-so-innocently posted this everywhere they could, allowing the internet to do what it does best:

Identify a vulnerable soul and grind it into dust.

For Peterson, the moment was the culmination of his frustrations with the Cardinals organization after being traded last winter and watching Murray get handed a $230-million contract a year later. That bad blood boiled over again after the game, when Peterson could be seen calling out Steve Keim for never returning his phone call during negotiations, asking for a face-to-face confrontation with the Cardinals GM. Murray merely caught some shrapnel, but that’s the risk you run in the foxhole.