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Our faith in humanity is restored with all three contestants on Jeopardy! getting this golf-related final question right

Here at The Loop we have the utmost respect for people who make it to Jeopardy!, contrary to some of our past digs at these NERDS. But the fact is, they didn't make it to the big show for their sports knowledge, or lack thereof. Sure, there may be the rare contestant who can cash in on some of Alex Trebek's easier sports questions, I mean, answers (little Jeopardy! insider tip), but more often than not they fail miserably.

So when "Sporting Events" appeared as the final Jeopardy! category on Wednesday night, I immediately perked up, knowing hilarity was likely to ensue, like the time that guy mixed up Magic Johnson and Wayne Gretzky. As Trebek read off the question answer I really perked up, because it was the easiest golf-related answer in Jeopardy! history:

The probability of this moment going viral was sky high. What would the contestants come up with? Wimbledon? The Kentucky Derby? The Westminster Dog Show? How about none of the above, as all three contestants got it right, restoring faith in humanity. Scott McFadden, a librarian at Ball State University, won by $1, wagering just enough to edge out the previous night's champion. Here's the video:

How about Trebek right before the commercial? "Sporting Events … not everybody is happy about that, we'll find out why." Not tonight Trebek! Good job to all the contestants, but we kind of wish someone screwed it up, because there's nothing like a Trebek dagger.