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Oregon man makes albatross at Bandon Dunes while wearing wildest golf pants ever

January 28, 2021

We've learned to expect anything from "Florida man" headlines in recent years from being arrested for having enough Fireball in a golf cart to kill an elephant to claiming people were eating his brains. But what about the other "man" varieties out there? I dunno, say. . . "Oregon man"? Shouldn't he get some love to?

Well, in the spirit of trying to spread the wealth, we've got a great Oregon man story for you today. Introducing Willi Sheller. Yes, that's W-I-L-L-I with no E, according to Bandon Dunes, where Mr. Sheller made a bit of history on Wednesday by recording the first albatross at the resort's newest course, Sheep Ranch. Go Willi!

Now that's what we'd expect from an Oregon man. Long hair, beard, and wearing the most comfortable clothes imaginable. Just look at those golf pants!

Wait, are those even golf pants? On second thought, Willi might also be the first golfer to record an albatross while wearing pajamas. Well done, Willi. Well done, Oregon man.