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If getting an Oral Roberts tattoo on your butt cheek after guaranteeing a Florida victory is wrong, we don’t want to be right

Sister Jean and the Loyola Chicago Ramblers are still ramblin'. The PAC-12 has placed more teams in the Sweet 16 than any other conference. Arkansas ball coach Eric Musselman is about to fight a CBS Sports analyst and Gonzaga’s pursuit of perfection is still alive. There’s no shortage of storylines from the first weekend of NCAA Tournament action, but none have been bigger than Oral Roberts, who took down Ohio State and Florida in a single 72-hour span to become just the second 15-seed in tourney history to make the Sweet 16. Not everyone has been a Golden Eagles believer, however, starting first and foremost with Kyle here, who was so certain that Florida would send Cinderella packing that he was willing to wager an ass tattoo on it.

Has there ever been a more “Kyle” move in the history of Kyle moves? That’s a rhetorical question, folks. In Kyle’s defense, however, after the Golden Eagles' stunning 81-78 upset on Sunday, he lived up to his promise, and became forever a part of Oral Roberts lore.

Honestly, we were hoping for something a little more elaborate than just “Oral Roberts Tattoo” in a Microsoft Paint font. If you’re going to get an ass tattoo in tribute to Oklahoma’s preeminent Christian university for 15 seconds of internet fame, you might as well go all the way and get an eagle dunking Brutus’ severed head over a gator pit or something. But we can’t hate too hard; we’re not the one out there getting inked, after all.

One word of advice for Kyle, though. Don’t pick against the Golden Eagles weekend. An Oral Roberts tattoo on one butt cheek is funny. Both butt cheeks is a bridge too far.