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Once again, the Army-Navy game will be the most beautiful college football game of the year

December 06, 2019
The 119th Army-Navy Game

The Washington Post

There's just something about the Army-Navy that manufactures good old hard-nosed football spectacle. There's the service academy pageantry. There's the bowl game atmosphere and rivalry game intensity. There's the fact that it's somehow always snowing. No matter the year or the quality of play on the field, the Army-Navy game is always pure college football eye candy, and this year is poised to be no different thanks to one key factor:

The uniforms.

In recent seasons, Army and Navy have rolled out special alternates for their annual clash, and year-in, year-out they have proven to be some of college football's best. But 2019 looks like it cuts from another cloth. Just feast your eyes on these doozies if you don't believe us.





Navy's navy stunners pay tribute to the sea-fairing football legends of the '60s, when the academy produced two Heisman Trophy winners in Joe Bellino and Roger Stabauch. Army's, meanwhile, draw their inspiration from off the field, the 1st Cavalry Division to be exact, who pioneered a new breed of airmobility during the Vietnam War and have served in infantry, air assault, and armored divisions over the course of their history.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, so which you prefer is ultimately up to you. Like flashy? You probably prefer Army. Classy? Navy. One thing is certain, however. When both of these uniforms go spike-to-spike, facemask-to-facemask on Saturday, it may just bring a tear to your eye.