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Ole Miss player steals three bases (including home) on single pickoff play, might be the hero baseball needs

On Wednesday morning, there was very real optimism that the MLB lockout would be coming to an imminent end and that we would soon have professional baseball to fill the Rawlings sized whole in our hearts. Overnight, however, that optimism was dragged out back with a bag over its head when talks between the MLB and MLBPA broke down, officially canceling the second week of the regular season and pushing the earliest possible date for Opening Day back to April 14th. This was a significant blow to the bread basket of baseball fans across the world, but it was not without a silver lining.

Thanks to professional baseball’s continued insistence on being absolutely the worst, we can continue to focus our attention on the resurgent, chaotic world of college baseball, where incredible stuff like this Ole Miss triple-steal happens on a nightly basis. Are you ready for some baseball??? [full Hank Williams Jr. voice]

Say what you want, but you’re just not gonna get this kind of action in the majors (even if you’re watching the Mets). Alcorn State’s pitcher attempts a pickoff at first base, catching Ole Miss’ Peyton Chatagnier in a rundown. But Chatagnier beats the sloppy throw to second and the Alcorn State infield goes to sleep. Chatagnier notices that no one is covering third and takes off again, sliding in safely as the catcher comes over from home to cover. That of course means that no one is covering home (diamonds are a tricky shape, folks), and Chatagnier, not one to leave food on his plate, comes cruising home for the rare triple-steal run. 

As you’ve probably already guessed, the Rebels would go on to win 16-1, cementing their position as the number-two team in college baseball and taking our minds off the lockout … at least one more night.