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OK fine, Conor McGregor dressing his son up like Mini-Me is adorable

August 24, 2017
Conor McGregor Media Workout

Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC

Two days out from the biggest fight of his career and what is Conor McGregor up to? Promoting his new David August Inc. menswear line by playing dress up with his infant son, that’s what. Clad in his pop’s trademark aviators and three-piece suit—minus the f-bomb pinstripes, of course—Conor Jr. (because what else would he be named?) looks more than ready for the bright lights of Las Vegas. Check it out:


New York Times / Redux / Eyevine


New York Times / Redux / Eyevine

As cute as this is, however, we can’t help both notice the striking similarity to another infamously nefarious duo—Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. Something tells us this comparison probably wouldn’t bother McGregor in the slightest. Just like his upcoming foe—and countless other elite fighters before them—McGregor embraces his role as a misunderstood villain, converting the sports media’s rampant skepticism into pure knockout fuel.

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Whether or not he has enough in the tank come Saturday, remains to be seen, but even if he does come up short, you can bet Conor Jr. will be ringside, look dapper AF all the same.

Mayweather vs. McGregor airs Saturday, 8/26 at 9pm ET on Showtime case you just beamed back to earth after a lengthy intergalactic mining mission to Pluto or something.