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Of course you want to watch Little John Daly walk in a birdie putt from DEEP at the PNC Father-Son Challenge

December 08, 2019

During his peak, you could argue there was not a more entertaining player to watch than John Daly. That's why it's no surprise to see that Little John Daly, who is essentially a carbon copy of his father, is just as if not more entertaining to watch than his dad was. The difference, of course, is that Little John is still a teenager.

Thanks to social media, and the PNC Father-Son Challenge, golf fans have been able to watch Little JD grow up on the golf course. Over the years we've seen him hole clutch putts to win junior tournaments, bash the ball off the tee like pops does and walk in putts like he's already a seasoned PGA Tour vet. On Sunday at the PNC Father-Son Challenge, "LJ", as John Sr. calls him, showed off some more serious swagger, walking in a birdie putt from DEEP, putter raise and everything. Feast your eyes on this Toyota Sauce-A-Thon:

The American flag shorts are the real chef's kiss on top of it all. Man, watch that a few more times and tell me it doesn't look exactly like John Daly in his prime when the camera focuses in on his face and he's looking down at the ground:

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 3.08.31 PM.png

Scary resemblance. Almost like they are related or something (I'll see myself out).

Making this bomb of a birdie conversion all the more impressive was that it came late in the final round at the par-4 16th, which got Team Daly to 19 under. They birdied the 17th as well, then parred 18 to finish at 20 under for the week. Ultimately, they came up a few shots short of a playoff, but they did lock up a solo fifth finish to back up last year's T-2 finish. Sooner or later, Team Daly will win one of these, unless Little John goes pro and has to move on to bigger and better tournaments.