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Odell Beckham Jr. immortalizes "The Catch" with Rolls-Royce hood ornament

If you thought Odell Beckham Jr. was going to start wearing Carhartt while driving a '94 Chevy Silverado to the local Steak & Shake following his move to Cleveland from the glitzy glamor of Gotham, think again. You can take the frosted tips out of NYC, but you can't take the NYC out of the frosted tips, and if you need some more proof with that pudding, just check out the hood ornament on Odell's new (and very orange) Rolls-Royce, which he proudly splattered across social media on Tuesday:

It probably goes without saying, but the replies to this are veritable a parade of little blue check marks and fire emojis, but no one summed it quite as succinctly as Diplo:

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 10.37.05 AM.png

Amen to that, brother. Partly in response to a trend of sawing off and stealing Rolls-Royce hood ornaments, all modern Rolls-Royces now come with a pop-up Spirit of Ecstasy. To replace that with a custom emblem of yourself, however, takes not only bottomless wells of ego, but similarly deep pockets, which Odell certainly has, poised to earn $16.75 million in 2019 and over $72 million in the next five years.

And as if that grand display of automotive affluence weren't enough, Odell also spent Memorial Day weekend rubbing shoulders and clinking champagne glasses at the Monaco Grand Prix, where he took some time to chat with eventual race winner Lewis Hamilton. Ohio it ain't, but still not too shabby.