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No, you can't sit at Bryson and Phil's table

August 07, 2019

It's always a special moment when Obi Wan Lefty and his young padawan Bryson DeChambeau are in the same room together. Whether it be a cocktail party, science fair, Nobel Prize Ceremony, or merely an evening at the opera, The Brains, as Phil Mickelson and DeChambeau will henceforth be known, always put on a good show. Last year in preparation for the Ryder Cup, they showed off their tantalizing eyebrow game, wooing French femmes from Normandy to Nice...

After resisting the romantic advances of practically all of continental Europe, The Brains then went their separate ways, Phil to Vegas for a duel with his old nemesis and Bryson to the Middle East, where the desert air density turned him into the hottest golfer on the planet. A summer to forget soon followed, however, and we began to wonder if we would ever see the dynamic duo together again. Thankfully on the eve of the FedEx Cup Playoffs—with the Presidents Cup looming a couple exits up the old golf highway—we finally have our answer:

Heck freakin' yes we will.

Ranking No. 1 and No. 3 overall in our inaugural ranking of the PGA Tour's content kings, The Brains more than live up to their reputation with their comeback opus, turning a novelty t-shirt into an inside joke wrapped inside a Da Vinci Code riddle. But because we here at The Loop are sympathetic souls who don't want to see you eating by yourself in the cafe all semester, we dropped Phil's tee into the trusty Google translator for you. It reads:

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 2.33.13 PM.png

Do you understand now?