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Phil Mickelson shares his first "Phireside with Phil" video and please, God, let there be more to come

June 19, 2019

Phil Mickelson's days as one of the world's best golfers may be winding down, but the recently turned 49-year-old is just entering his prime on social media. After finally joining Twitter and Instagram last summer in what appeared to be just a move to promote THE MATCH with Tiger Woods, Mickelson has maintained active accounts and become a must-follow for his antics like preparing for the Ryder Cup with a sniper rifle, and his random daggers like when he roasted Matt Kuchar for his tipping habits while rolling up to Augusta National for a Saturday tee time at the Masters. And now, he's going to become a storyteller.

On Wednesday, Mickelson released what he dubbed "the first edition of 'Phireside with Phil,'" which he bills as a series of stories from his PGA Tour career. It's a clever nod to the FDR's famed "Fireside chats," although, as many people pointed out, the way the video is shot makes it seem like Phil is sitting on a toilet with a scented candle. Either way, it's still glorious, especially Mickelson wearing his World Golf Hall of Fame jacket. And in fact, Phil's first story involves a little potty humor. Sort of. Anyway, take it away, Phil!

OK, I did NOT see that ending coming. Great story, Phil. Let's hope to see/hear these videos, um, phrequently.