The Answer

Nick Kyrgios’ Allen Iverson sweatshirt is the best Wimbledon dress-code violation we’ve ever seen

Ladies, gentleman, and the tennis curious, we have great news: Nick Kyrgios is freaking back. On Thursday, the incendiary Aussie—who seemed certain to flame out of professional tennis in recent years—crushed Queens Club runner-up Filip Krajinovic 6-2, 6-3, 6-1 in 85 minutes, hitting 24 aces and 49 winners, including this ridiculous forehand laser …

Afterwards, Kyrgios was in vintage form, telling the Wimbledon crowd “I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m pretty good.” Mission accomplished, Nick.

It was honestly great to see, as was the fit Kyrgios rocked on the ESPN set after the match, where he spoke about his improved work life balance and mental health on the court all while rocking a tribute to Allen Iverson’s iconic black jersey reign.

Safe to say,this doesn’t conform to the Wimbledon dress code, one of the strictest in sports, requiring players to wear all-white on the court, right down to their underwear. Not that Kyrgios will care. He’s a lot of things—firebrand, uber talent, manchild—but teacher's pet he ain't.