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NFL reporter Holly Sonders flaunts Kliff Kingsbury bias loud n' proud on Insta

February 21, 2019
NFL: DEC 11 Cardinals at Dolphins

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Unless you've been off-planet on Mars Rover maintenance for the past several light years, you've no doubt heard that Holly Sonders, NFL reporter, and Kliff Kingsbury, NFL coach, are totally, officially a thing. Sonders broke the news following Kingsbury's hiring as HC of the Arizona Cardinals, tweeting (and subsequently deleting) "the desert just got a whole lot hotter." On Thursday, however, mere hours after teasing a new project with NFL Network, she doubled down on her affection for K2 with another surface-to-air Instagram missile. Needless to say, impartiality just got nuked.

While subtle, tasteful stuff, the post does cast Sonders' recent (and very prolific) social media pivot in a new, Kliffier light. Suddenly generic Valentine's posts become odes to King Kliff...

and innocent shoe reveals arrows in Cupid's quiver, forever pricking jealously into Kliff's calloused heart.

She even joined the Marines for him. That, kids, is true love.

For those of you worried about the future of sports broadcasting (and journalism in general), however, don't be. It's been bought and sold so many times that Doritos now owns Fox, who broadcasts the NFL, who are puppeteered by ESPN, the subsidiary of the company that put a bunch of racist birds in a kids' movie about an elephant. Sonders tripping Todd Gurley with a mic cable as he's streaking up the sideline seems about par for the course.

Then again, maybe there's no sinister plot here after all. Perhaps she just genuinely likes the Cardinals. But as a wise man once said, "bullsh*t, asshole, no one likes the tuna here."

Thanks Vince.