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It’s NFL Draft week so of course we have reports of an internal war in Jacksonville over who to take number one overall

Urban Meyer and his lap-dancing, kicker-kicking regime are out in Duval. Super Bowl-winner Doug Pederson is in. If you think that is the end of the perpetual Jacksonville Jaguars circus, however, you are sadly mistaken. Not only is GM Trent Balke—who fans fittingly protested with clown costumes last winter—still in power, but he’s reportedly beefing with Jaguars owner Shad Khan over who to select with the top overall pick at the NFL Draft on Thursday. Who could have possibly seen this one coming?

Death, taxes, and the Jaguars botching the draft. You’re still breathing and filing day has come and gone, so that leaves only the Jaguars this week. The Jags have had nearly five months to decide who to take number-one overall and, with about 72 hours to go until draft, they still haven’t made up their mind. Granted, it’s not a marquee draft class this year. Teams are reportedly scrambling to move down instead of up in the first round. The Jaguars, though, have made no such indications. They clearly intend to use their top pick … they just can’t agree who to use it on.

Not that this should surprise anyone. In Camp Hutchinson, you have a guy with a Monopoly mustache who has presided over the worst franchise in American sports for the past decade while intermittently threatening to move them an ocean away. In Camp Walker you have the guy who selected Aldon Smith 7th-overall and thought Urban Meyer was a good idea. Walker (and by proxy Baalke) has currently overtaken Hutchinson (and Khan) as the Vegas favorite to go number one, but there is still one scenario we haven’t considered yet:

That this is all a ruse by Baalke and Khan, who are using the reputation of their own incompetency as a smokescreen for drafting N.C. State tackle Ikem Ekwonu.

Trent Baalke and Shad Khan getting something right? Now that’s a plot twist.