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It’s NFL Combine Week, so here's a story about a prospect tanking his chances by missing free throws on the Eagles’ mini basketball hoop

Buckle up, America, it’s NFL Combine Week! It’s that wacky time of the year when dreams are made, draft boards are built, and teenagers are grilled about their parking tickets and what their mothers do for a living. The NFL has been cracking down on these sorts of inquiries, however. The Wonderlic has been consigned to the annals of history/Vince Young’s nightmares. Now front offices have to get creative if they want to dig up each prospect's every deficiency. Enter the Philadelphia Eagles, whose little psyop this year is a mini basketball hoop, which they propped up in their meeting room in order to make players shoot free throws on it.

If being forced to shoot foul shots during a job interview sounds like a personal hell to you, welcome to the party. University of North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell just arrived. He's the wide-eyed, jumpy guy sipping punch by himself over in the corner.

The poor kid. Once second he had his entire future ahead of him. The next he was bricking free throws in front of a bunch of guys who once thought Carson Wentz was a good idea. Life really does come at you fast.

We're not sure what other psychological-torture-devices-masquerading-as-lighthearted-distractions NFL franchises are cooking up in Indianapolis. Maybe the Vikings will have a putting green. Perhaps the Texans will ask to shoot some pool. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but suddenly the Wonderlic doesn’t sound that bad.