Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy's reason for wearing a Star of David necklace is interesting, to say the least

February 25, 2020

With the NFL Combine taking place in Indianapolis this week, you're going to hear a lot about 40 times, verticals, bench-press reps and, of course, hand size. It's all pretty meaningless, which I thought FOX's Joel Klatt pointed out perfectly in a tweet he sent on Tuesday morning:

Is a 4.3 40-yard dash impressive? Yes. Is having giant hands a good thing for a future NFL QB? Sure. Would you rather your offensive lineman prospect bench press 225 pounds a billion times instead of eight times? Of course! But ultimately, the only stuff that really matters are the three things Klatt mentioned. The rest is gravy. As long as you don't say or do something dumb or fail a drug test before the draft (Laremy Tunsil kind of killed two of these birds with one stone in 2016), then you'll be fine.

Apparently, Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy didn't see Klatt's tweet before meeting with the media on Tuesday. Jeudy, who will likely still be the first receiver taken in the draft, was wearing a Star of David necklace as he fielded questions. One reporter asked why he was wearing it, and Jeudy's explanation was an odd one, to say the least:

Aaaaaaaand there goes all of Jeudy's draft stock. See ya in the seventh round bud!

Just kidding. As much as social media loves to be enraged, the response to Jeudy's explanation has actually been quite subdued. He made sure to apologize anyway:

No, Jeudy won't be the next Mr. Irrelevant. He'll still be taken in the top 15, but maybe he should consider leaving the necklace at home on Draft night.

Whoops, not that Draft night.