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This is it, this is the most ridiculous step-back in NBA history

January 05, 2022

January 4th, 2022. Circle the date on your calendars, basketball fans, because it is the anniversary of the greatest step-back jumper in NBA history. Mr. Quickley, please do us the honors.

Oh wait, sorry. Wrong one. Here’s the right link.

OK, so here’s the point in the article where you start picking up on the sarcasm. Obviously when we call this greatest step-back in NBA history, we mean it’s hands-down, no-questions-asked the worst. In fact it barely qualifies as a step-back, with Knicks guard Immanuel Quickley receiving the ball in the paint on the fastbreak before turning around and taking, by rough estimate, seven full steps in the wrong direction in order to take a needless three pointer that he would, by the grace of the highlight gods, brick.

Did Quickley pull a J.R. Smith and read the score wrong, thinking the Knicks needed a three to tie? Did he think there were 7.4 seconds remaining, not seven minutes and 40 seconds? Is this just the post-Steph Curry NBA the millennials want? Only Quickley could possibly know the unknowable, but one thing is certain:

Tom Thibodeau won’t let it happen again. Not in a million, billion, trillion years.