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Steph Curry's premature celebrations are rubbing off on his teammates

February 12, 2021

You know how Steph Curry likes to celebrate a shot before it goes in? Granted, it's a bit obnoxious, but yet we all still love it, because it's Steph. And it's kind of cool that we get to watch this shooting guard god on a semi-nightly basis.

Well, apparently, the move is rubbing off on his teammates. Not that they're prematurely celebrating their own shots, but rather, Steph's. Case in point, fellow Warrior Juan Toscano-Anderson went viral on Thursday night for a spectacular windmilling reaction after finding Curry for an open three-pointer.

With the way Curry has been cooking of late, such a look is the equivalent of a gimme. Still, Toscano-Anderson would have looked like a total jackass if the the shot missed, so it takes some nerve. Anyway, here's the play that came during the fourth quarter of Golden State's win over Orlando:

Juan then introduced himself since he wasn't named in the tweet:

And Steph made him even more famous a bit later:

After doing a little digging on Juan, it turns out the 27-year-old who played collegiately at Marquette is known as "the Steph Curry of Mexico." So perhaps his showmanship makes a bit more sense.

In any event, Curry continued his recent tear by hitting 10 more triples. And now you know who Juan Toscano-Anderson is. Hi, Juan.