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Wasted Money

A bettor plunked down nearly $3,000 on the New York Jets to win the AFC, should have just lit that money on fire

August 12, 2021

In betting, there’s a very fine line between great value and a plain old bad bet. Does that team or player or parlay sitting there have nice odds because you’re the only genius—NAY, savant—that can see their true potential? Or are you just an idiot? It’s a question every bettor must ask themselves before plunking down hard-earned cash on a longshot. Just ask this brave soul, who just laid down $2,751.03 on the New York Jets to win the AFC ... yes, as in the whole thing.

OK, so obviously the payout represents incredible ROI. It’s the “I,” however, that’s the problem. The New York Jets haven’t won the AFC since the Nixon administration. They are playing in a better all-around AFC East than they have in over a decade, with the Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots all expected to contend for a playoff spot. They have a first year head coach and a rookie quarterback, whose early reviews haven’t exactly been glowing.

Will Wilson be good once he gets his feet wet and learns the offense? Probably maybe! Is Robert Saleh finally the right guy to lead the organization? He’s saying the right things! Could the AFC have a down year, cannibalize itself, and the Jets sneak into the Wild Card at 9-8 (17 game season)? Could happen! But the SUPER BOWL!? That’s the George Washington, Tappan Zee, Verrazano, and Tri-Boro too far (those are all bridges by the way).