Need For Ball Speed

MotoGP rider celebrates winning the Dutch Grand Prix by pulling out his driver and taking a couple of hacks

We’ve seen plenty of golf-themed celebrations in non-golf sports over the years. Nothing beats a punter pulling out the proverbial pitching wedge to celebrate nailing a coffin corner out of bounds at the two or some guy using the pylon as a putter. Never before, however, have we seen a guy break out his own club like MotoGP rider Fabio Quartararo did after winning the Motul TT Assen this weekend. Check it out.

Still in his helmet, riding boots, and full leathers, Quartararo struggles to make contact, absolutely murdering his trusty driver on the tarmac. It’s hard to watch for the fairway-wood exfoliators and iron-cover apologists among us, but Quartararo eventually makes contact on his third attempt. It’s not exactly striped, but that probably won’t dampen the Yamaha rider’s spirits any.

“I’ve trained to hit the ball a bit higher on the range but today it was tough,” he told reporters after the race, raising very real questions about whether he had gone to the range in his full racing ensemble and, if so, if there is any footage of that practice session in existence. If so, hit us up Fabio. We have an Instagram to run as well.

The other lingering question is why Quartararo was allowed to tee it up in the berm and start taking cuts directly at the track when there were still other riders out there. Imagine if he got ahold of one of these and pinged it off another rider’s helmet or, worse yet, under their tire. That would have been very bad news for him and, to be totally honest, very good news for us.