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New York Giants punter Brad Wing does golf swing celebration

November 02, 2015

Lost amid a historic offensive shootout in the NFL between the New Orleans Saints and the New York Giants was a great punt -- and an even better reaction. There wasn't much punting during the Saints' 52-49 victory, but Giants punter Brad Wing pinned the Saints inside their own five-yard line midway through the first quarter (Not that it mattered because the Saints scored a touchdown on that drive anyway) and celebrated by showing off his golf swing:

We're going to assume he was mimicking hitting a shot with a wedge, because he backed that ball up nicely.

Unfortunately for Wing, he wasn't able to celebrate on his final kick when he had to make a tackle and wound up drawing a personal foul for facemasking. The penalty allowed the Saints to attempt and convert a 50-yard field goal at the buzzer for a crazy win.

After the game, many (including this Giants fan) wondered why Wing didn't kick the ball out of bounds to prevent a return. Plus, he could have showed off the "Fore, right!" point-to-the-sideline celebration. Maybe next time.