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Crazy, Stupid, Glove

This is it, this is the most disgusting golf glove of all time

We get it. Sometimes you have a club or piece of apparel that means a lot. Perhaps it’s a hand-me-down or a memento or a good-luck charm. With all that said, it’s time for this fella to get a new glove.

We’re sure that coach Andrew Rice has seen a lot in his time teaching golfers of all ages, but nothing ever as bad as this simulacrum of a golf glove on the lesson tee. The Golf Digest Top 50 coach went as far as to say that this is “officially the most memorable glove I’ve ever seen,” and we can’t blame him.

At this point, the glove is more of a poorly-knitted mitten or a dish rag. Maybe there’s some sentimental value, but also my hands are getting blisters just looking at this “glove.”

Twitter rightfully had quite a few jokes as well with daggers ranging from the 1986 Masters to a battlefield museum.

Now, if this woebegone golfer is looking for a new glove, might we suggest one of these all-weather golf gloves recommended by our very own team? Yes, plenty of these gloves are cold-weather focused, but it doesn’t look like this individual will be changing his golf glove anytime soon, so we might as well just plan ahead.