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It's impossible to believe where this opening tee shot from a NBA coach ended up at the LIV Tulsa Pro-am

Just over 24 hours ago, we begged, nay, we PLEADED with you folks out there to never, ever, under any circumstances, even if there is a fire, stand in an amateur golfer's firing zone. It doesn't matter if it's a Pro-Am, a round with your buddies or a YouTube event where a scratch-handicap influencer is teeing it up, you just simply don't do it.

Our old buddy TJ Eckert, who broke the story of that insane golf fight involving former MMAers last week, apparently did not get our memo. 

Eckert, a sports reporter from Oklahoma, was in attendance for the Thursday Pro-Am at LIV Tulsa, which is being hosted at Cedar Ridge Country Club. Eckert happened to be near the first tee when Phil Mickelson's group was getting their round underway, and in that group was Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Mark Daigneault, a face only the most diehard of NBA fans are likely familiar with. 

That may change if enough folks see the video below, which was taken by Eckert at the first tee. In it, you'll see Daigneault, a lefty, addressing his ball with a driver and making a decent backswing before it all went terribly wrong. How wrong, you ask? Daigneault's ball hit Eckert's camera, and Eckert was standing a few yards behind him, over his right shoulder. It has to be seen to be believed:

Impossible. Inconceivable. Defies logic, physics, etc., etc. And the thing is, again, the backswing isn't that bad, but the downswing got a little quick and Daigneault picked up that ol' head of his and took it to TopTown, USA. That makes two golf videos in three days where the person HOLDING the camera gets hit by the golf ball. You couldn't make it up if you tried. 

Good news is, based off that relieved laugh, TJ is A-OK. As for Mickelson, well, looks like he's in for a long, long day.