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Shouldn't Have Been Standing There

YouTuber absolutely SMOKES fan with tee shot and we have so many questions

Even when you're at a tour event, there's always a small part of you that feels a little nervous standing in the firing zone around a tee box or around a shot out of the woods. And those are the best players in the world, the ones who are so superhuman that there is less than zero chance that they are shanking or snap-hooking one so badly that it hits you or anyone else (even still, this picture terrifies me, and that's the GOAT).

As for amateurs at any level, under no circumstances should you stand in their firing zone, be it at a Pro-Am, a local qualifier or a live event hosted by a YouTube golf channel called "Good Good." I'm not going to pretend I know much about them, but I have heard of them, they have a very large following, and from what I understand they're all very good golfers, Garrett Clark being one of the best among them. Clark has amassed his own following of over 730,000 on Instagram, with many of his videos featuring insane trick shots. He is, by all accounts, a very good golfer. 

But "very good" is galaxies away from "PGA Tour level" good, though apparently nobody told that to these folks who showed up to Dobson Ranch in Arizona for a Good Good live event this week. In a now viral video, Clark can be seen surrounded by fans on the first tee before he pull-hooks one down the left side and absolutely SMOKES an innocent bystander in the head:

@parkedoesgolf @Garrett Clark smokes one into croud at dobson ranch event #golf #golftiktok #golftok ♬ original sound - Plarkus

It gets, crazier, too. In another angle, you'll hear a voice say "I would let Garrett hit me with a ball in my head" to someone filming the opening tee shot on the camera phone. Clark then proceeds to hit the guy holding the camera phone, though not the guy right next to him who said he would let Clark hit him in the head. That would have been a little too perfect (swipe to slide two in the Instagram post below):

Just to be clear, the man in that picture is not the person who got hit. The actual person who got hit appears to be @va_smn on Instagram, who posted this photo to his Instagram story:


As you can see, this appears to be a younger kid (Good Good's target audience), and it looks like he got hit on the arm and not the head liek we all assumed based off that fake PGA Memes photo. That's a good thing, because I'm not so sure the kid isn't in the hospital if he got smashed in the dome by a golf ball. 

All of this, of course, leaves us with so many questions, like "what the hell were all these people thinking?" and "this many people really show up to watch golf YouTubers?" and "is this what happens when trick-shot influencers only get one take?" We kid, we kid, but seriously. Glad this kid's OK. Let this be a lesson to all, unless they are inside the top 200 of the Official World Golf Ranking, never stand in the firing zone.