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'i hope i got it'

Golfer follows up ‘Be quiet for my hole-in-one’ with actual hole-in-one

There have been countless instances in which someone called their shot and predicted their own hole-in-one. The amount of times that actually has happened, however, is almost zero.

We use the word almost because it did occur. And it was recorded. Let’s get to the clip…

“You cant make this type of stuff up,” reads the post from @drunkbytheturn. “Absolutely love to see it.”

Do you know the number of times someone has said, “An ace is coming,” and then promptly shanked it? At least a dozen times from this intrepid young writer, and there are certainly more examples.

The excitement is palpable, as evidenced by the back-and-forth hugging that goes on like a long tennis rally. We can't even imagine the feeling. A hole-in-one is momentous on its own, but to have footage of a called shot a la Babe Ruth, that’s gold.

The one negative is that you know this guy is going to mention it at every golf outing, barbeque and guys trip for the rest of time, but you gotta give it to him. He accomplished the near-impossible.