The Best Man

Guy gives out four-leg MLB parlay as wedding gift, happy couple cashes it for nearly $700

The wedding gift has long been one of humanity’s most circuitous etiquette labyrinths. Do you get something off the registry? Do you just bring a check? If so, for how much? What if I just brought an old toaster and put Dave’s name on it? All important questions you, the gracious wedding guest, have to answer before the happy couple say "I do." One local hero had a unique solution this weekend, however.

Instead of giving a nice set of Le Creuset cookware or some cold hard cash to put towards frozen honeymoon margaritas, he handed the bride and groom a surefire, can’t-miss MLB parlay.

Scrawled inside the couple’s card was the date; the Yankees, Rangers, and Rockies runlines; the Cardinals moneyline; and a little hand-drawn lock with the acronym “OTY,” which we take to mean “lock of the year.” This is a bold move, make no mistake, but it paid off for both our new friend here and the couple, who cashed the bet on Monday to the tune of $693 actual U.S. dollars.

Unless you’re running in some pretty ritzy circles, the general rule of thumb when giving cash at a wedding is to give about $250. With inflation these days, let’s say $325. These two love birds pulled down more than double that with their guest’s sizzling hot tip. Now that’s what we call a win-win.