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Min Woo Lee claps back at Club Pro Guy after Australian PGA Championship win, sparks banter war for the ages

November 27, 2023

Andy Cheung

If there’s two guys who know about talking sh*t on the internet, it’s Club Pro Guy and Min Woo Lee. The (in)famous golf satire account has taken aim at everyone and everything in the sport over the past several years while the mulleted Aussie has become known for his incredible NBA-level hype videos ahead of tournaments. On Sunday, the unstoppable force of CPG finally collided with the immovable object that is Lee when the Three Jack National head pro fired a shot at the DP World Tour pro following Lee’s dramatic Australian PGA Championship victory.

But Lee was not a static target, and quickly clapped back with the only taunt in sports that holds any water:


This is the Lakers-Celtics of golf internet troll battles and we are extremely here for it. Both CPG and Lee peddle in sarcasm and winking self-parody, so this probably isn’t as feisty as it seems on the surface, but in world with more actual beef than an Outback Steakhouse, perhaps a fake feud is for the best.