Magic Mike

Mike Vick running a 4.72 40 at 40 is your old-guy feat of the weekend

It’s hard to believe, but Mike Vick is an old man now. It seems like just yesterday he was hanging 59 on the Redskins on Monday Night Football and wrecking families and friendships as the cover star of ‘Madden ‘04’, but Vick turns 41 in June, officially crossing the old-guy threshold. As the old saying goes, however, age is just a number a 40 time, and this weekend Vick reminded everyone why he was once the most untacklable man on earth, posting a 4.72 40 at the Run Rich Run charity event aired during the closing stages of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Despite smoking the times of countless draftees half his age, Vick wasn’t happy with his time, saying, “Apparently I can’t run no more, I’m just facing the music.” He did have one notable admirer within the pro ranks, though . . .

That’s right. Mahomes, widely regarded as overall the most athletic QB in the NFL (we see you, Kyler stans, be patient), ran a 4.80 at the 2017 NFL Combine. Even teammate and fellow speedster Mecole Hardman couldn’t believe it when he saw Mahomes’ tweet and crunched the numbers.

It goes to show that speed isn’t everything. Mahomes already has more Super Bowl appearances, rings, and MVPs than Vick had in his entire career. But we can say this with some degree of certainty: Vick ran scared from nothing and no one. He was fear itself.