Mike Leach pwns Jimbo, dishes out sage wedding wisdom, wins college football weekend

Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach took care of business on Saturday, pummeling Jimbo Fisher's Texas A&M squad in Starkville to move to 4-1 on the season. Leach's Bulldogs hung 42 on the supposedly mighty Aggies defense, a performance that served as more proof Leach's Air Raid offense can work in any conference in college football.

Another Leach philosophy that works literally anywhere on the planet is him saying whatever the hell he wants, whenever and wherever the hell he wants. Following the win, Leach caught up with SEC Network reporter Alyssa Lang, who knows exactly how to dish Leach the ball in the paint and let him go to work. Lang, who is engaged to Pro Football Focus analyst Trevor Sikkema, asked Leach for his best wedding advice, and he obviously did not disappoint:

The best part about Leach is not only that he entertains this stuff, but that he genuinely wants to get his point across. You could sense that toward the end Lang was ready to let him go, and Leach basically said "hold on, I'm not finished." There is no better interview in college football, and maybe all of sports. Trevor did get the message, in case anyone was wondering:

Of course, this is hardly the first time Leach has given his "elope" advice. It's something he feels very strongly about. In September, it was the first thing he told Miss State senior quarterback Chance Lovertich after Lovertich proposed following the team's win over Memphis. 

Hell, he's been banging this drum for well over five years now. We even wrote about it back in 2017 when he offered a similar message at Washington State. He's doing everything in his power to break traditional wedding norms, and for that (plus pwning Jimbo) he is the winner of the college football weekend.

Helmet Stickers

(In this section, we hand out helmet stickers to those wo *almost* won the college football weekend)

Five helmet stickers: The Ole Miss coaches booth

The man in the middle is co-defensive coordinator Chris Partridge and in this moment he could not have cared less about the angle of this camera. That's how you know it's a big-time win. Physical appearance be damned, I'm celebrating the sh-t out of this one and if my gut goes viral, so be it. Football guy through and through. 

Four helmet stickers: Liberty wide receiver Jaivian Lofton

Legitimate catch of the year candidate. Only thing holding it back is that piss-poor, low-energy call from the commentator. Sorry, that was mean, but c'mon man, wake up!

Three helmet stickers: Two grown men ... apologizing ? 

Quick backstory: Up 49-10 in the fourth quarter in Columbus, Ohio State ran a fake punt against Rutgers on fourth and 2 near midfield. After easily converting, a Rutgers defender charged in and leveled the punter out of bounds in what was the easiest late hit call in the history of late hit calls. That said, it was kind of earned. Who fakes a punt up 39 points? Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, apparently. Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano wasn't having it:

Quite the scene, and a completely avoidable one had the Buckeyes simply not faked a punt up by 1 million points. Schiano had every right to mouth off to his former co-worker, though it came out after the game that Day had nothing to do with it. Ohio State kicker Noah Ruggles later confirmed on Twitter that punter Jesse Mirco went rogue with it:

Even if this is true, Day should probably send a message to his kicking room that no matter how the other team is lined up, you probably should just kick it away when up by 40 points. You live and you learn. Afterward, Day could be overheard apologizing to Schiano in a surprisingly level-headed move:

Two helmet stickers: Nesta Jade Silvera

First off, what a freaking name, and secondly, it's hard not to love this move Silvera pulled on USC quarterback Caleb Williams:

USC may have won the game but Silvera and the Sun Devils won the meme war. That screenshot will stand the test of time. He went full Henrik Lundqvist on his ass:

One helmet sticker: The cop who summed up Stanford's season

Accurate depiction of what Cardinal fans should probably do this year - just give up. They've now given up 40-plus points and lost by double digits in three straight games, and it might only get uglier from here for David Shaw's team. A frisky Oregon State team rolls into Palo Alto next week and then they head to South Bend to play Notre Dame. Given how prevalent firing coaches mid-season has seemingly become, Shaw might not last until Halloween. 

Minus 100 helmet stickers: The Ole Miss student body

If you're going to wear jackets and ties to a noon kick in the south, you simply cannot:

A. Be this hungover and/or drunk an hour before kickoff:

And B. Get into a massive brawl with each other:

Would bet good money that many of these bros will be wearing the exact same jacket and tie when they show up to court, where there dad will be there to defend them. Hotty Toddy, though,