Ball is Life

Mike “Fluff” Cowan says he didn’t wear his Clemson hat on Wednesday "out of respect" for Nick Saban

When we logged on Wednesday morning, we never would have guessed the Regions Tradition pro-am would have been the big content producer of the day, but life is nothing if not full of surprises. We already gave you a glimpse of the latest episode of the Charles Barkley stripe show, and now we’re pleased to present a heartwarming meeting between two of the grumpiest old guys in their respective fields, Nick Saban and Mike “Fluff” Cowan. Take it away, you kings.

That was the scene at the site of the Champions Tour’s first major of the season on Wednesday. Fluff, caddiyng for Jim Furyk alongside Saban at the tournament's pro-am, greeted the Alabama ball coach with a firm handshake. The first words out of his mouth were “my name’s Mike.” The second were “out of respect, I didn’t wear my Clemson hat today.”


Saban pretends not to be bothered by Fluff’s allegiance to a program that’s beaten him twice in three National Championship tilts—”everybody’s gotta root for somebody” he says—but you know that deep down it lit a fire. Some Saturday in September he’s going to bite a reporter’s clean head off, and it will trace right back to the rage he bottled up in this moment of pesky social decorum.

Jk, jk. As long as you’re not asking for a piece of cake after losing the Alabama spring game, Saban is a pretty OK guy. Plus, Clemson fandom aside, you can't help but love Fluff.