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Michigan Wolverines to go full-maize for season opener vs. Florida

August 28, 2017

On Saturday afternoon, the 9th-ranked Michigan Wolverines will take on the 13th-ranked Florida Gators at Jerryworld in one of the marquee matchups of the most ridiculously stacked opening weekend in college football history. And while the game promises to be another bloody-knuckled Big-Ten-vs.-SEC brouhaha, the big news in the buildup has been the Maize & Blue’s decision to (mostly) drop the blue from their week 1 uniforms. Needless to say, if you didn’t get enough corn on the cob in your diet this summer, these not-so-mellow yellows should do the trick:

Interestingly enough, Michigan has rocked the full-maize look once before: On November 10th, 1928, for a “neutral”-site game against Navy in Baltimore. Given their proximity to Annapolis, Navy refused to wear anything but their traditional blue, so Michigan donned a bright yellow uniform as an alternative. The game itself proved to be forgettable—a drab 6-6 draw—but as the so-called Canary Disaster, it has lived on in Wolverine infamy nearly a century.


Whether or not Saturday will qualify as a “disaster,” remains to be seen, of course, but if you are bemoaning the lack of hydrated hues, don't worry, the Gators are balancing things out with a “flooded blue” kit, which will almost surely turn you crosseyed by the second quarter. Needless to say, we hope you saved those eclipse glasses...