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The PGA Championship Michelob Ultra guy now has his own line of Michelob Ultra merch

Today in the inevitable: The random fan who went viral at the PGA Championship this weekend for cradling an $18 Michelob Ultra while watching the greatest golfer to ever live with his own two eyes instead of a phone screen now has his own line of Michelob Ultra merch you can purchase through your phone screen.

Not only that, but he also got his own Michelob Ultra ad, which you can also watch—you guessed it!—on your phone screen.

OK, so once you’ve processed the almost impossible irony of all this, it’s actually pretty cool. You can now proudly rock Michelob Mark’s face to the gym, grocery store, bar, and/or U.S. Open in both hat and t-shirt form. The hat is a mid-profile (not full dad hat, for those not ready to take the plunge) hook-and-loop enclosure with that indelible image of Mark on the front and “It’s only worth it if you enjoy it” on the back. The shirt features the same imagery/text, printed on a dark blue Gildan soft cotton tee in sizes S-2XL. They are available for purchase here and here, and if you get spotted wearing one at the "next golf event," you could win some free beer.

So congrats to Mark (if that is your real name) on your 15 minutes of fame. They say everybody gets that quarter of an hour, but fact is most of us don’t. Mark would probably prefer to cash his in to go bird watching and crush some cereal for dinner, but we don’t choose fate. Fate chooses us.