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Meet Kirk, a border collie who loves watching tape of herself winning championships

August 22, 2018

Feeling good about yourself is a good thing. Taking pride in your work and being able to pat yourself on the back once awhile is healthy and absolutely vital if you plan to make this thing worth all the hassle. Many humans struggle with this concept, but not Kirk, because Kirk is a dog. Kirk isn't just any dog, however—she is the 2017 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge champion and, now, thanks to this hilarious video, a viral pet sensation. Check it out:

That's Kirk watching her winning run from the aforementioned Incredible Dog Challenge. She's not worried about appearing narcissistic or egomaniacal. She's not feigning modesty or fishing for compliments. She's a border collie and she's hyped on herself and, you know what, I think we could all learn something from that. I'm not saying stash a sharpie in your sock before you head to the office, but once in awhile, crack something nicer than a Bud Light, kick back, and say you know what, I'm doing alright.

Or just watch this video of Kirk on loop. That'll make you feel better too.