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Another playoff win, another hilarious Mad Max Scherzer celebration

October 07, 2021

Max Scherzer has been one of the best pitchers in baseball for nearly a decade now. He’s also a certified crazy person. That means two things …

1. He’s experienced some incredible postseason success over the years, including a memorable World Series run in 2019.

2. He’s celebrated that postseason success like a maniac each and every time.

Which, of course, brings us to Wednesday night’s NL Wild Card matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers, Scherzer’s new team, and the St. Louis Cardinals. Scherzer started on the bump but struggled with command all night, and was eventually pulled in the 5th inning despite having to have the ball pried from his cold dead hands. But all is well that ends well, and when Chris Taylor hit the walk-off two-run blast to seal it in the bottom of the ninth, Scherzer was more than ready to get his party on.

That’s Scherzer running over to celebrate with his former teammate Juan Soto, wearing a Trea Turner jersey. A touching moment to be sure, but not even nearly the best of Scherzer’s very Scherzery night. That honor instead goes to the very brief interview with TBS a short while later ...

Shirt off, goggles up, slurring his words, Scherzer gets immediately furious with an echo in his headset. “I can’t talk,” he says. “I’m drunk … whatever.” A more relatable moment in MLB Wild Card history there has never been.

Luckily Scherzer gets a few days to sleep off his hangover. The Dodgers don’t kick off their seismic NLDS series with the Giants until Friday and Scherzer is not scheduled to pitch until Game 3 of that series at the earliest. So rest up, Mad Max. Eat your fruits, juice your veggies, and remember to hydrate. We’ll work on that echo for ya.