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Masters 2021: Forget Macklemore, Max Homa lurking in the gallery is the best Masters celeb sighting of Saturday

You have to be a very lucky duck to be at the Masters this year. Well, any year really, but 2021 especially, with fan attendance even more limited than usual due to COVID-19. Essentially, if you are strolling the hallowed grounds of Augusta National this weekend, you either know somebody (who knew somebody), or actually are somebody.

Said somebodies on Saturday included Macklemore and a covert Justin Timberlake, both of whom who joined Ryan Fitzpatrick on the 2021 Masters celebrity roll call. But perhaps the best sighting of all wasn’t some pop star or habitually viral backup quarterback, but a masked (and nearly unrecognizable) Max Homa, who was spotted in the gallery watching Cali compatriot Xander Schauffele just before the weather horns sounded on Saturday afternoon.

In typical Homa fashion, he had some, um, color to add to his unexpected cameo.

Homa, like many, missed the cut on Friday, but like a true golf fan, he didn’t pack his bags, hop on a courtesy jet, and hightail it back to one of his twelve mansions. He threw on some Masters crewneck and hit the ropes with the plebes. No offense to the defending champ, but he wouldn't have been caught dead out there walking the course on Saturday, and, well, we all saw how well Koepka’s knee was doing.

This (and Twitter) are why Homa remains one of the most relatable guys on tour and a consistent fan favorite. Speaking of which, Max, as long as you’re hanging around, do you think you could swing by the merch shop for us? We'll Venmo you . . .