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Max Homa made the most of his Twitter bet with a fellow PGA Tour pro

October 19, 2020

J.T. Poston found out the hard way why you should never bet on an Atlanta pro sports team. And after his beloved Braves blew a 3-1 lead in the NLCS, it's been a particularly tough day for this PGA Tour pro. That's because the bet with a fellow golfer involved access to his Twitter account, and, well, yeah, it's been a tough day.

We should mention at this point it wasn't just any fellow golfer, but arguably the tour's master of social media, Max Homa. And it only took minutes after Homa's Dodgers won Game 7 on Sunday night for him to come collecting.

Not surprisingly, Max has made the most of his time. Starting, of course, with a new profile bio ("Go Dodgers") and picture:

Then taking shots at other PGA Tour pros as well as J.T.:

Then hosting a Q&A as J.T.:

Then taking more shots at fellow tour pros:

And then another visual dagger at Poston:

Well played, Max.

On the bright side for Poston, he's gained more than 1,000 followers since the takeover. And, yes, with a young, talented team, there's always next year. At least, in theory. But again, Atlanta. . .