If at first you don't succeed...

Guy who has been begging Max Homa to play golf with him for 25 straight days finally gets his wish

They say if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Armin Abdic has been trying again for 25 straight days. Back in early May, Abdic tweeted at PGA Tour pro and reigning Golf Twitter king Max Homa asking him to play a quick 18. Ordinary enough, except for the fact that Abdic and Homa are complete strangers and one is a PGA Tour pro and the other is some guy on Twitter. But that didn’t deter Abdic, who was determined to realize his extremely arbitrary dream.

As Abdic kept on keeping on, Homa would occasionally chime in to offer up some excuses, such as Day 5, when Homa had a morning thing that might possibly stretch into an afternoon thing . . .

. . . and Day 8 when he was stuck at home waiting for (this generation's) cable guy.

Doctor appointment, car trouble, plantar warts, grandad fought in World War II. Look alive, Halpert.

But we all have our breaking points, and on Day 24, Homa seemed to reaching his, indicating that Day 25 might finally bear the fruits of Abdic’s labor. Sure enough, when the sun rose on June 1st, both men were ready.

There you have it, kids. Proof that if you’re annoying and weird enough for long enough, eventually someone will say yes just to shut you up. Maybe that’s not the life lesson we should be taking from all this, but it doesn’t change its truth.

That said, we wouldn’t put it past Homa to have crafted his finest deflection yet. “When the season slows down.” “I’ll DM you to set it up.” That sounds like a “no, I’ll call you” evasion if we’ve ever heard one. After all, if you can’t beat them, just make them think they’ve won.

We had Homa on our "Be Right" podcast this week—give a listen to our interview with the two-time PGA Tour winner: