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Max Homa does what he does best and roasts NBA stars’ golf swings

February 21, 2024

Adam Pantozzi

Max Homa is a pretty good golfer. He’s No. 8 in the world, has six PGA Tour wins and recently pulled off the longest drive recorded in the tour's StatLink Era. That’s all well and good, but the 33-year-old wasn’t even born to play golf; he was born to perform Borscht Belt-esque one-liners on a stand-up comedy tour around the Catskills.

That is to say Homa is renowned for his uncanny ability to perfectly lampoon other golf swings. And so, with Capital One’s The Match 9.0 on the way, we asked him to step to the line and see what he can come up with when it comes to the drives of some of the best NBA players in the world.

It all starts with, “We heard recently that Austin Reaves thinks he’s the best golfer in the NBA. Kinda want to hear your thoughts?” And then, Homa takes off from there as you can watch below:

Homa’s unfortunately kind to his Los Angeles brethren in Reaves: “That warms my heart. I was kind of scared that he was out over his skis when he said that. So, that was pure.” That positivity quickly evaporates, however, when it comes to LeBron James.

“You always hear that LeBron could’ve played tight end in the NFL, and I get why no one ever mentioned him playing golf. That’s a tough scene for King James.”

Check out the rest of Homa’s takes in the video above, in which he compares Chris Paul’s swing to Kyle Lowry’s [ahem] infamous derrière; is a bit wishy-washy on what J.R. Smith has to offer; and ranks all of the basketballers. Spoiler Alert: LeBron James won’t be happy.