Tour Life

Max Homa has a very good reason for not paying for Twitter

February 15, 2024

Adam Pantozzi

It turns out, The King of Golf Twitter doesn't pay for the app. And he has a very good reason.

Max Homa confirmed as much on Wednesday ahead of the Genesis Invitational, and if you're wondering why the six-time PGA Tour winner would ever pay for Twitter, you don't know how Twitter works now. In fact, you probably don't know that Twitter isn't even called Twitter anymore, but rather, X.

Names aside, the app now offers paid subscriptions that come with certain features like longer tweets, being able to edit tweets, and, yes, a checkmark. But the subscription can more than pay for itself if you reach certain level of engagements.

In fact, some people are getting really nice checks from Elon Musk for being on the app. But again, not Homa, who said he's not interested in profiting off his tweets. Because, well, he doesn't need to.

"To sound like the worst ever, I have enough money not to have to side hustle on my least favorite app in the world," Homa said. "I'm good on that. Less engagement is fine."

Only Max Homa could essentially say I'm too rich to worry about another paycheck and not sound obnoxious. But just look at the guy. That's him, above, at the Lakers game on Wednesday night. Have you ever seen a more unassuming celebrity?

And, besides, Homa does get paid for his social media presence in a roundabout way. He earned a $5 million bonus from the PGA Tour's Player Impact Program fund last year. Not too shabby!

Plus he earned more than $10 million on the course in 2023, and that doesn't include his endorsement deals. Good for you, Max. In other words, Elon can keep his checks.