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Max Homa responds to TikTok ‘clown,’ jokingly throws wife under bus

March 11, 2024

Orlando Ramirez

Max Homa is by all measures a very good golfer. He’s No. 8 in the OWGR, which may not mean as much as it once did but still suggests that he’s better than almost any golfer you’ll come across. He’s yet to win a major, but he does have six PGA Tour wins and earned $10,761,517 during the 2022-23 season alone. Give the man some time, perhaps this year will be the year.

An Internet Idiot had a take that for some reason he HAD to send to Max Homa’s wife, ultimately blaming Lacey Homa for Max remaining majorless. “That kid and wife are keeping from majors, Tripp McGuffin wrote. “I'd tell them everyday you're giving up green jackets for them. Just so they know!”

Honestly, we’re most surprised that this troll used the correct “you’re.” The odds for him nailing that would’ve been astronomical.

@lacehoma Replying to @Tripp McGuffin FAMILY > anythjng else #golf ♬ Lil Boo Thang - Paul Russell

Lacey immediately hit back with another TikTok stating that this keyboard warrior forgot to include the family’s yellow lab, Scotty. Pretty ruff.

Max also chipped in, simultaneously protecting the fam and jokingly tossing his wife under the bus.

“Some clown commented on my wife’s tik tok that she and my son are holding me back from winning majors," Homa posted. "I guess he hasn’t seen my record before having a kid. It’s even worse! Moral of the story, it’s all my wife’s fault she’s been here for all of them.”

There’s nothing more romantic than blaming your partner for anything wrong. That’s a key portion of the vows. Anyway, we hope Homa wins a major soon enough and that he brings up Lacey, Cam, Scotty and the receipts for Mr. McGuffin.