You Hate to See It

Watching Mattress Mack eat his $3-million TCU bet was the only entertaining part of Monday’s national championship game

January 10, 2023

Monday’s much-ballyhooed title fight between TCU and Georgia was over before it began. Georgia took a 38-7 lead into halftime and didn’t take their foot off the gas in the second half, eventually running out 65-7 winners. Georgia’s 65 points were the most ever scored in a national championship game and the margin of victory the largest in bowl game history. It was a king-sized beatdown, which seems fitting given that Mattress Mack—Houston mattress mogul and sports’ most infamous whale—had $3 million riding on the Horned Frogs to win.

Needless to say, the game wasn’t worth watching much past the first quarter, but neutrals across the country at least got to enjoy the sights and sounds of Mack getting his ass handed to him by Georgia for the second year in a row. Roll the tape.

Like the rest of America, Mack didn’t even stick around to see his big-money bet clang, leaving early in order to get up for work on Tuesday.

Unfortunately for the haters (us included), Mack won’t be shedding too many tears. He said this one would have him down for about “five seconds” and there’s no reason to think he’s not telling the truth. First of all, Mack hedges all his big money bets against promotions at his Houston area stores. They usually go something like this: If [x-team] wins, anyone who bought a premium mattress during the promotion period gets it for free. If not, they pay full price. So while Mack lost his bet on Monday, he also sold a lot of mattresses. It's also probably worth noting that Mack won $75 million on the Houston Astros to win the 2022 World Series, the largest reported payout in sports betting history.

So go ahead and have a laugh at Mack’s expense this morning. We certainly are. Just know that he will get the last one, maybe as soon as next month when he's sure to have some serious dough riding on the Super Bowl.