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Matthew Tkachuk asking Evander Kane 'you want some money?' is a Hall-of-Fame chirp

On Thursday night, Game 1 of "The Battle of Alberta" between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers absolutely delivered. There were 15 total goals, a hat trick, a number of donnybrooks and one Hall-of-Fame chirp from Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk, who also happened to score the hatty. Decent night for the kid.

As impressive as all three goals were, it was the chirp that could very well become the stuff of Canada legend for years to come. After squandering a 6-1 lead, Calgary quickly got back on the board to take a 7-6 lead early in the third period. The Oilers, clearly frustrated with all their hard work being erased in a blink, began throwing hands, specifically Evander Kane, who went at it with Tkachuk. If you know anything about Kane's history off the ice, you know that other players, like Tkachuk, have PLENTY of chirping material

Tkachuk used that material wisely, asking Kane, who filed for bankruptcy just before the 2021 season, if he needed some money. SHEESH:

Boom, roasted. The war of words continued when both guys went to their respective penalty boxes, with Tkachuk calling Kane a "poor bastard" multiple times. For those watching the broadcast, it seemed like Kane respond with something along the lines of "I make more than you," which is factually incorrect (Tkachuk is making $9 million this year to Kane's $1.3 million. YIKES!). But since we're not professional lip-readers, we'll just call that an educated guess. Unfortunately, we don't see Kane's chirp back in the clip below:

Truly, truly outstanding stuff from Tkachuk. I don't think you'll find a single soul on earth who has any sympathy for Kane, so the more of these chirps the better. Especially if Tkachuk is going to back it up with a hat trick, which, by the way, his dad refused to throw his hat on the ice for:

C'mon, Keith. You only live once! Not every year where you're son is going to put up a hatty in the 'yoffs. You have to send that hat to the ice just for the memories. Although, as someone who has multiple favorite hats, I can see myself holding on to a good one for dear life. 

As for Matthew's brother Brady, captain of the Ottawa Senators, he showed up to the game hat-less, but was certainly not beer-less:

Two back-pocket brewskis plus one in his right hand? The Tkachuk boys are absolutely buzzing, literally and figureatively. This family is a content factory. Also, reminder: this was only Game 1.