Genesis Scottish Open

The Renaissance Club

Ignorance Is Bliss?

We quizzed some patrons on their Masters knowledge and you might be outraged they’re there instead of you

April 09, 2021

Every golf group has its share of Masters nerds, the sort of people who know Jack Nicklaus’ career par-5 scoring average at Augusta National, or the type of exotic fish stocked in Rae’s Creek (this is not a real thing—don’t let them fool you!).

By contrast, there are fans who know either nothing, or worse, just enough to get everything a little wrong. We’d call these people mostly harmless, but if they end up at the Masters instead of you, you have permission to quietly resent them (exceptions are made when those same people bring you back a shirt).

Anyway, it used to be easy to ignore other people’s Masters ignorance, but then our Hally Leadbetter went around quizzing some patrons on fairly easy Masters trivia and, well, we’re not saying their credentials should be revoked. You just hope they learn from the experience. And that they know you wear a medium.