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Masters 2020: These must-see leaderboard updates are the highlight of Masters week so far

November 17, 2020

Hello, friends, and welcome to a Masters update unlike any other. Introducing The Chris Vernon Show.

The Memphis-based program has caused quite the frenzy this week during the tournament, garnering the love and praise of Golf Twitter like few things outside of Jeff Knox are capable. Why? Well, you have to see it to understand.

Or, maybe understand isn't quite the right word. These updates are about as random and bizarre as you can imagaine. But wow, are they hysterical. Unless, perhaps, you're one of the golfers or WAGs at the butt of one of Vernon's jokes. That being said, Brooks Koepka's girlfriend Jena Sims enjoyed the callout.

Before you read any further, though, be prepared to have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend. Set to Waka Flocka's "Hard in the Paint" (h/t to co-worker Stephen Hennessey for that knowledge), Vernon periodically does a Masters leader board update during the tournament and the results are highly entertaining. If you haven't seen them yet, here's a sample. Enjoy:

The beat. The jacket. The. . . mascots? What a wild scene. It's really hard to pick a favorite part, but it's tough to beat the reliable "TONY FINAU, WHERE HE BE NOW?!"

The shout-out to early-round leader board fixture Charley Hoffman missing in action this year was a nice touch as well. And the observations are are dead on. PAUL CASEY ALWAYS SMILING! Paul Casey really is always smiling.

Vernon, who also hosts The Ringer NBA Show in addition to pregame and postgame duties for the Memphis Grizzlies, says he comes up with a few rhymes beforehand, but most of the back-and-forth between him and producer Jon Roser is ad libbed. The avid golfer also says he's been doing this for about a decade, but is finally getting widespread attention.

"I guess we needed the crappiest year ever to break through," he joked.

We had a chance to do a full interview with Vernon on our "Be Right" podcast after Masters week—scroll to 18:50 to listen to our chat.

Vernon's breakthrough has included high praise from people in high places, including ESPN's Scott Van Pelt. Although Vernon was "most shocked and happy" that his 73-year-old dad liked it.

Well, we like it too, Chris. We just wish we'd known about it sooner.