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Marc Leishman knows a lot about golf, but he knows even more about grass

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Marc Leishman is one of these Everyman Pro guys. He's been hanging around the middle of PGA Tour leaderboards for the better part of a decade now. He's just charismatic enough be likable and just vanilla enough to be normal (as opposed to, say, Phil, who can be found babbling at iPhone screens in costume when not squeaking over cutlines these days.) He has is own beer, but it's a standard lager, and therein lies a perfect metaphor for the Big Aussie.

As it turns out, however, Leish has been hiding his true self from us this whole time. Perhaps the reason we never felt like we truly knew him was because we didn't. All this while, we thought we understood what made him tick—golf, mostly—but as this peek over the Leishman family fence proves, we couldn't have been more wrong...

Leishman's true calling isn't golf, it's grass. "It's kind of become an obsession I guess," Leishman says of his grooming habit, which sometimes includes mowing and trimming—always barefoot, mind you—once a day.

"Me and my sports psychologist talk about it as my sort of therapy," Leishman says, though the neighbors, who have to listen to Leishman running his arsenal of pro-grade machinery at all waking hours, feel a little differently.

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"[They] think he's crazy and ask him all the time why he mows the lawn once a day," admits Leishman's wife Audrey, and we can't exactly say we blame them. Especially once Leish's better (and very patient) half recalls the time she came home to find the lawn on fire and her husband sitting calmly at the kitchen table.

"It's my preparation. It'll pay off," he told her of the attempt to simultaneously scorch off the dead grass and get his work Visa promptly revoked. "It got away a little bit, but it didn't get out of control. " Leishman admits before pausing. "There may have been a beer or two involved as well."

To truly understand the depths of this immaculately manicured mania, however, we suggest you watch the full video, because as legendary caddy Huggy Bear once said, while Marc Leishman may know a lot about golf, he knows even more about grass.